Sometimes, when putting your own work into words, you run the risk of trivializing or technicalizing; trying to explain a visual work is often a mistake.
    I would prefer for our work to be summarized as "untitled", exactly like a work of art, which can't be explained – it has to be lived, felt, suffered, or rejected; exactly like a work of art, which in good times and bad, stirs your emotion. "Emotion" – that's the key word. When we get a good idea, we get like euphoric little children excited to see
the result – we fill with emotion.
For us it's not business... it's life.
    Chemistry – enthusiasm – passion.
    Essential elements for isolating oneself in a world created and imagined by Peter Pans like ourselves.
"Visionary" Peter Pans is the best way to describe us.
Alessandro and I live our own dimension – we've managed to isolate ourselves and develop a language between us and our team, the Company – Ipe Cavalli – built of people like us: Luigi, the "heart and soul", creative and pragmatic, the entrepreneur... Leopold, the mind and the money, the director... and Eleonore, strategic communications, the architect.
Together we have developed an aesthetic code that is encrypted in our minds, but clearly visible in the products.. I think it's called "style" when you do different things... yet they resemble each other.
Someone asks: But why this neo-Gothic stamp interpreted by people of Mediterranean origin?
After a moment of surprise and in a narcoleptic state, I explain:
    "It happened one day by accident, after having read a novel inspired by far-off worlds...
When you're looking for ideas, any situation can offer many of them.
     A mysterious gate built of oval elements and spear-tipped caps appeared by chance in the right place at the right time. I don't know if it was dawn or dusk – we imagined who and what once lived beyond that gate – our imaginations carried us to a nonexistent world that nonetheless from that moment onward has lived distinctly in our minds...
King, queen, castle, a royal palace, warriors, a ball room, talking animals, we don't exactly know... But there is, perhaps, a will to recount what we have imagined in the objects we design. And we're not even sure that that gate truly exists.."
    A cross-pollination of styles, an oneiric vision composed of layers of time and materials, an idea of decorative design directly connected to high-tech materials and techniques.
   Experience, my life in fashion, Alessandro's rigorous institutional training, and a historic company on the international market that is passionate about life, have created a recognizable and boundary-crossing style that is the fruit of different mentalities with a common denominator: the desire to stir emotions.

Samuele Mazza




IPE Cavalli - exclusive furniture

Beidzot arī Rīga ir iespējams iegadāties ekskluzīvas IPE-CAVALLI
kolekcijas VISONNAIRE mēbeles. Šajās mēbelēs atspoguļojas 
IPE mēbeļuražotnes 50 gadu tradīcijas un kvalitāte, 
seniora CAVALLI organizatoriska un finansiāla dalība un dizaineru 
kolekcijai VISIONNAIRE.
Kas ir VISONNAIRE?? tās ir dizaineru skatījums uz dzīvi, vīzija, 
kā viņi redz pasauli. melns un balts, diena un nakts.
Kolekcija ir neogotikas stila, hitech materiālu
izpildījumā(stikls, hromēts metāls, kristāls, dzīvnieku, zivju un 
rāpuļu ādās, pusdārgakmeni un citi interesanti materiāli).
šī kolekcija ietver smalkuma, elegances un klasiskas ipasibas,
tendenču veidola.
Firmai IPE-CAVALLI un kolekcijai VISIONAIRE nav analogu 
pasaulē un viennozīmīgi viņi ir līderi šāda stila mēbeļu klasē.
VISIONAIRE mēbeles ir modes un stila aksesuārs, jo dizaineri
 kas tās radījuši ir modes dizaineri-interjeristi un tajās jūtamas 
hot coutureun glamour pieskāriens.
Šis fantastiskas mēbeles IR IESPĒJA aplūkot un pasūtīt jaunatklātajā
IPE-CAVALLI salonā - SHOWROOM Republikas laukuma 3.
Atvērts 3,4,5,6dien no 10:00 - 20:00
Laipni gaidīsim! TEL: +371 7878046

SHOWROOM on Republikas laukums 3

finally it is possible to purchase the furniture of the exclusive VISONNAIRE collection of IPE-CAVALLI. This furniture is a reflection of the 50 year old traditions of the IPE furniture manufacturing. The financial and organizational participation of seignior CAVALLI along with the ideas of designers ALESSANDRO LA SPADA
and SAMUELE MAZZA was a foundation of the VISIONNAIRE collection. 
What is VISONNAIRE?? This is designer’s view on life, their vision, the way they see the world, black and white, day and night. The collection is in neo-gothic style, made out of hi-tech materials (glass, chromized metal, crystal, animal, fish and reptiles skin, semi-precious stones and other interesting materials).

This collection is elegant, exquisite and classic at the same time, just in style of 21st century.

IPE-CAVALLI and VISIONAIRE collection does not have any analogues in the world and they are definitely the leaders in the furniture of this type. VISIONAIRE furniture is the fashion and style accessories, due to the fact that it was created by interior designers and the haute couture and glamour touch.

This fantastic furniture are available for you to view and order in the new IPE-CAVALLI salon-SHOWROOM on Republikas laukums 3
Looking forward to seeing you!


SHOWROOM on Republikas laukums 3

info: +371 29234489



Sigfried bedroom




Lancillotto low table
versione ricamo
embroidered table





Gareth TV Console




Detail kudrum dining table





Detail sigfried bedroom





Deadream modular elements




dining room





Deadream cabinet






Alcyone sofa

Hagen pouff





Armchair Vega


BRUNILDE Chandelier

Version with 3 couples of horns
Version with 6 couples of horns



SIEGFRID Bench/armchair with high back




Dining table

BRANKO Chandelier Pendants made by 166 knives in stainless steel  



BRENDAN Chandelier Pendants made by 166 forks in stainless steel





ULLA Cabinet  With 4 doors with turned and chromed aluminium handles. 











Borsone regular – Bag Regular  
Shopping bag Gunnar
Scatola sigari – Cigar case

Borsone maxi – Bag Maxi   Gunnar
Album portafoto – Photo album Gunnar
Scatola sigari – Cigar case Sigmund
Portafogli donna – Woman wallet Tristan
Valigia rigida – Rigid bag

Porta abiti – Suit case
Beauty donna – Beauty case for woman
Beauty uomo – Beauty case for man
Cartella 24 ore – Overnight bag Sigmund
Rotolo Portagioie – Jewel case Sigmund
Agenda – Diary Sigmund
Portafogli donna – Woman wallet

living room



Avalon sofa



Antolini Luigi & c.




Antolini Luigi & c.